Current owner Giovanni Di Chiara has been in the landscaping and agricultural industry for over 27 years. He brings with him a vast knowledge of gardening, plants and urban design. After residing  in Italy for over 20 years Giovanni has recently migrated to America to expand his knowledge and expertise to Massachusetts communities.


Why should I choose Revere Gardens LLC?


Revere Gardens has served the Massachusetts area since 1975 with commitment, know how, and excellent service.


What Services do you offer?


We offer a full range of services including lawn maintenance, shrub maintenance, new installations, fertilization, mulching, and any other request to properly care for your property.


What makes this company different than any other lawn company?


Our long and successful history, experience and excellent client service.


How much does it cost to cut my lawn?


Cost is dependent primarily on lawn size. Please call for a free estimate.


How short do you cut the grass?


It depends on the season.  In the hotter summer months, grass length is taller to prevent burn out.  In the fall, blade length is shortened to prepare for the winter.


Do I have to sign a contract for you to mow my lawn?


For most residential properties a written contract is preferred.


Do you offer discounts for military or senior citizens?


At this moment we do not offer discounts.


What type of mulch do you use?


We have access to all your typical Northeastern mulches (e.g., red, hemlock, pine).


What forms of payment do you accept?


Currently accepts cash, checks and money orders.


What is your Service Area?


We service all of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.


Will you bag our clippings?


Yes, we will bag and haul away all clippings.


Will you cut my lawn on the day I choose?


Yes, as long as the date is practical with other lawn cuts in your area.


What type of mowers do you use?


We utilize the best commercial mowers in the industry manufactured by Honda, Kawasaki, and Stratton.


How many times will you cut my lawn this year?


Most maintenance plans are based on a weekly cycle.  Duration of maintance is based on weather conditions.


How do you prepare beds prior to mulching?


Prior to mulching, all beds are layed with mulching film and weeded to prevent future growth.